Valentines’ Day at Balboa Park #fun

Valentines' Day at Balboa Park

San Diego weather is back to normal just in time for Valentines’!

My dog begged for a treat.

I am in love with San Diego and so is my two year old cockapoo shih tzu mix! This is a dog friendly city and planning our itinerary for the day was not difficult at all. It was quite spontaneous and fun, especially with this break in the rainy weather we have been seeing.

Traveling from a coffee shop (Monica’s at the Park) in University Heights to the dog park (Nate’s Point) was a quick trip for us. Here was our Valentines’ Itinerary:

1. Bark at anyone wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses as MILF was on a 90-minute teleconference at the coffee shop.
2. Whine at the other dog, Marty, as he gnawed on a scrumptious dog bone while I pretended that a tube of lotion was a tube of that spray (SENTRY Stop That!) he hates.
3. Sniff Marty, another pup, as we say our goodbyes to the other folks from the coffee shop.
4. Drive down to Balboa Park and park the furthest away from the dog park. DOH!
5. Take a leisurely stroll and make pit stops at the Alcazar Garden, Cabrillo Bridge and then finally to Nate’s Point.
6. Play fetch!
7. Fight with an 11-month old siberian husky.
8. Play with a 1-year old York Terrier named Wally.
9. MILF pets a sweet Golden Retriever named Ruby!!!! (Best part of the day for me.)
10. We both get our paws muddy and head back to the car.
11. My two year old pup passes out when we get home. Success!

The day can be summed up in three words…Fun, Fun, Fun!




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