Be happy and ride #dwtfim

This, honestly, was a labor of love. Not only did I shoot over 300 images to create this stop-motion film, but I used my iPhone4s to capture it. This meant more time spent editing, and less time spent sleeping. (Thank goodness for my Keurig coffee maker!)

The question:
Have you ever thought about how much you spend commuting? In a past life, I spent two hours and added 60 miles roundtrip to and from work a day, five days a week, 60 weeks a year…etc. It boggles my mind, to this day, how oil companies can charge so much for fuel. Not only does it eat away at my pocketbook, but the price hike shows up in the prices of local produce, travel fares, and anything that requires fuel to get from point A to point B.

The answer:
Hence, I told myself that instead of buying a new car, I would be investing in an e-bike (electric bike) for myself and for my son. Why?

1. I save money, period.
2. It forces me to eat, shop, play and live local.
3. My waistline will thank me for it – forever.
4. My son and I have an activity we can share together. (Any way I can connect with my teenager is uber!)
5. In my own little way, I am giving the oil companies the middle finger!
6. I am making good on my promise to be environmentally friendly.
7. My e-bike can park virtually anywhere.
8. I look cool.

Here is an explanation of how much it costs to charge an electric bike:

Here is a link to the electric bike I have test-driven:

Here is an article about a company envisioning the future of e-bikes now:

I feel that electric bikes are being designed with the future in mind – #dwtfim

Won’t you join me in the e-volution?


What say you?

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