#itstimeforhungry Make your water taste exotic with leftovers!


“Ding Ding!” quoth the red bird (has yet to be named).

This took a quick second or two really! What do I do with those leftover frozen fruits that don’t make it into a smoothie?

Make water refreshing with light flavor. Water is overrated. Sometimes I need a little flavor, but I want to avoid the carbonation and sugar often found in the grocery store brands. My solution was to use a frozen citrus or berry. The one pictured has mango. It makes my water feel exotic! I’ve also used assorted berries. You can add fruit in that water bottle you take to the gym! I use a stainless steel bottle and the fruit helps take away or hide the metallic aftertaste.

Answer me this:
Have you used leftovers to reinvent new meals or snacks? Not only is it a timesaver, but it is also makes you budget savvy! Kudos to you. But do tell, what have you used leftovers for?


What say you?

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