New Journey Begins Where Another Ends

Last Post

Gilda Radner pretty much sums it up for me.

Today marks my last post on this blog. No big reason. I have my answers.

Let’s lay it out via the Scientific Method

Ask a question? What makes a successful blog, successful?

Do background research. Oops, I seemed to have skipped this part. Big mistake.

Construct a Hypothesis. A successful blog has clearly defined characteristics: 1) Fun 2)Good Photos 3)Content Variety 4)Appeals to a broad audience

Test your hypothesis by doing and experiment. Done.

Analyze your data and draw a conclusion.

Wordpress Analytics

Cumulative Totals from February 14 through April 2.

Blog Success Requirements (IMHO)

1) Passion

I found that the blogs that resonated with others were ones that were in a genuine voice and provided useful information. Duh, right? What got in the way of this was not clearly identifying what mattered most to me. In other words, “What was my passion?” Instead, I was trying to deliver a variety of content, some of which I was not as passionate about. This lack of focus diluted the message I was trying to deliver. (Ugh, FAIL)

2) Strategy Planning

I went into this with a big idea, but that’s it. Without identifying the “persona” I wanted to reach out to, I fell into the trap of “Interruptive Advertising”, meaning I assumed I had a broad audience and settled for capturing their attention instead of addressing the needs of a specific person.

Also, I thought I knew what I was doing with this blog. Apparently, I think too much about my needs instead of your needs! I’m so darn selfish sometimes.
A successful blog should share both HELPFUL and USEFUL information. There is a difference between the two. We are inundated with helpful information all the time, however you only absorb what you’ll use. Content management planning is so much more difficult than it seems. No wonder people get paid to do this stuff!

3) Adhering to a Blog Schedule

I didn’t. The consequence? As the graph (above) shows, my audience’s attention waned, resembling a roller coaster ride. Views/Visitors would peak after new content was posted. This told me that without a reason for your audience to visit your blog, I guess they really won’t visit! Ouch.

4) Promoting Content 

You really have to take the time to promote your content on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. I received more referrals from my social media accounts compared with organic clicks from WordPress.  So if you want a successful blog, you need to have to broadcast yourself in more than one place.

5) Don’t “blog and run”.

Participate in the conversation. What I mean is, don’t post a blog, sign out of WordPress and call it a day. Tsk, tsk. Instead, interact with others on WordPress by commenting and following other blogs, liking posts, or even re-blogging posts. Put forth enough time and a concerted amount of effort and you will see your efforts repaid in kind. Trust me, regardless of what the experts say, nothing works better than human interaction, even if it’s on the web. (Don’t get me started on my social media pet peeve: Automating Content.)

Communicate your results.

My original hypothesis has proven to be incorrect. My findings are clearly opposite. In summary, a successful blog requires 1)Passion 2) Targeted Content and 3)Appeals to a segment of the audience with similar passions/interests.

It was a good run with you all. This is not the end of my blogging experience. I will take my learnings and build a shinier, healthier, and brighter blog.

For now…. tootles,

MILF Momma


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