About Me

I'm a MILF

I’m a MILF


Mom in love with…
Food #dairyfree #itstimeforhungry
Fun #SanDiego #LongBeach #OrangeCounty
Friends #bff (Best Friends Forever)
Family #lessonslearned
Future #dwtfim (Design with the Future In Mind)

This blog was launched on Valentines’ Day 2013. Sometimes you get that itch to write and lo and behold, the internet is the salve.
Speaking of itching, I also have a problem with dairy products so you will find that my posts about FOOD tend to have the #dairyfree theme. Any recipes I create will be posted to Pinterest! Find them using the red birdie (yet to be named) or #itstimeforhungry. This year, my posts about FAMILY will incorporate the #lessonslearned hashtag as I am raising a 13 year old teenager into adulthood. It is an experiment in trial and error. Do you follow me?

When it comes to my activities, I love to share. I am on the road between San Diego and Long Beach pretty often and with that comes the opportunity for meeting new people, seeing new places, and doing fun things. Hence, #SanDiego #LongBeach and #OrangeCounty.

According to a Strengthfinders.com survey, one of my top qualities is being Futuristic; meaning I am inspired about the possibilities of what could be and inspire others with my visions for the future. May you always #dwtfim.



2 responses to “About Me

  1. Excellent blog concept, great writing! I love that you are redefining MILF! I am all about redefining! I’m sure you might get a lot of accidental traffic and I hope it makes those visitors stop and think. I can’t wait to see more of your posts!

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